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Martinez Lake Resort is in a convenient location with direct access to the Arizona Peace Trail and several other amazing rides. The Martinez Lake region offers various terrains and riding for all comfort levels. We are a short drive from Yuma, Arizona and a not-so-long drive from San Diego or Phoenix; averaging 3 hours from either. Desert conditions can be deadly, especially with the temperatures soaring in the summer months, so always carry and drink plenty of water. Our busy season for off road UTV rides is from October until early May and our busy season for water sports is from April until early October (fishing and other year round water activities are not included).

Martinez Lake allows direct access to the Colorado River. Because of this, the opportunities are almost limitless on where and what you can do. The Lower Colorado River includes areas starting from the North at Palo Verde, Dam, & Blythe, CA continuing all the way South to Imperial Dam & Winterhaven, CA.

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